Tips From a Professional Mover How to Successfully Transition to a New Home – Family Tree Websites

It takes a lot of organizing and packing. This is exhausting and tiring. Danny Rosado shares some key home-moving tips in the YouTube video “TOP 16 TIPS TO MOVE from a professional mover”.

In the beginning, it’s important to prepare a budget and an organizing list prior to the date of the move. Also, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages to employing a professional moving service. You might consider asking your family and friends to help if the expense of moving is prohibitive.

Remove any items which you do not need. Also, ensure you only bring important things with you at the initial stages. It is simpler to take each item out of the box by labeling it with a unique shade of label.

Don’t leave any empty space in the boxes or overpack them with too much. Be sure to protect your fragiles by padding, label disassembled items, maximize storage space, and ensure clothing is not left behind.

Avoid mixing hazardous substances like chemicals or fire extinguishers other valuables and use paper wraps to prevent spillage of liquid objects. Additionally, put all of the jewelry you own in small plastic boxes.

Make sure to put lots of thought and effort to the entire process of moving.


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