Scams that Some Moving Companies Do to Charge You More Money – Life Cover Guide

at the agreed-upon price? But this isn’t always often the case. Frauds committed by companies that move seem to be on the rise as the number of long-distance as well as interstate moves rises.
It’s true that many of the firms that appear to be legitimate on the internet are actually professional scammers who fail to make complete moves, steal items from customers, or overcharge the price of their service. These are warning indicators and indications of fraud to look out for:
Direct deposit is required or cash payment instead of credit card
* In winter making large deposits prior to moving
* Unqualified to carry passengers by commercial motor vehicle (FMCSA)
They offer instant quotes, instead of having to conduct a site inspection in order to provide an accurate estimation.
* Federal law requires each mover provide you with an official copy of “Your rights and responsibilities Whenever you are moving” when you move.
Customer complaints that haven’t been resolved or no reviews at all can be an indication of trouble.
Before the customer moves before they move, they need to sign blank papers or contracts.
For more information concerning scams perpetrated by companies that move, go through the following video mcikve7n2x.

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