Options When Designing Grave Markers – Phoenix Estate Planning and Probate

Their tombstone. Even though you’ve covered the costs in your will, have you considered the design of the grave marker? Let us share some thoughts with you on how to create headstones, gravestones and other headstones.

When you are thinking about the design Write down any details you’d like to add to the grave marker. You might also consider adding is space for your significant other as well as any other information they might want to include.

Below are some ideas of things to include on the gravestone.

Your full name. Any relevant dates. A quote or passage you love or any other pertinent information. It is possible to use images or symbols to show your personality.

When you have decided the design of your grave marker , start planning the design. There are two types of grave markers: upright monument markers and plain ground markers.

Also, it is important to choose a color. You can choose from gray and black, and a light colour like white.

These are only a few ideas of what you could include the design of your gravestone. The video that is linked provides more details.


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