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A lawyer who deals with trusts and estates.

After a person has died and passed away, the Probate Lawyer aids in the administration of their estate. If a person dies testate (that means in the event that he/she is the beneficiary of an estate plan) it is likely to have named an executor. A probate lawyer will have to advise or assist that person in carrying out the wishes of the deceased. If the deceased’s death occurs without will or Intestate, this process becomes more difficult. Probate lawyers can assist by appointing a representative and assist the representative to carry out the distribution requirements of the state intestacy laws.

The Estate Lawyer assists the individual to determine what happens after the person dies. An estate lawyer assists individuals in planning how they want to achieve their goals in the estate planning process.

When probate or estate lawyers are unable to deal with the issues, then the Probate Litigation attorney steps into the fray. Probate litigators are responsible for will- and trust disputes and breaches of fiduciary claims. They also help silence title to assets and deal with capacity issues. 2qqp1afr36.

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