Learn How Your Average Homeowner Can Complete a New Roof Install With the Help of a Local Roofer – Best Self-Service Movers

On the other hand, it’s recommended to start by installing the eve first. In order to prevent water from reaching the drip edge, ensure the installation is done correctly.
2.Installing felt from bottom-up beginning at the eve. The felt is to be on the top of the drip edge, allowing the water to flow across the its top.

Install the starter strip along the roof’s exterior. Most shingle companies recommend installing starter strips around the perimeter of the entire roof to ensure protection from wind.

4.Installing shingles on the lower part of the eave. They will be installed to the right of the. The second shingle should be installed 6 inches below the first.

After you have completed installing the shingles ridge. Following the directions of the manufacture you should draw a chalk line over the top to create the laser straight line.

Then, wash off any loose roof granules after the installation. zt6arpem1t.

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