How to Improve Your Car Hand Control as a Driver – Car Stereo Wiring

ortable hand controls are a essential if you wish to remain a responsible driver while keeping you and your guests safe. Enhance your hand-control in the car by understanding these key techniques for using handheld hand controls.
Autonomous cars are a must.

Hand controls that are portable works in every vehicle, but sadly it doesn’t perform on manual cars.

Handheld hand control

It is important to ensure that the hand controller is attached on the steering wheel. Hand control must also be to be placed on the brake pedal as well as the gas pedal.

Push and pull

The use of the hand controls for portable devices is straightforward, because all you need is to push it to the brake pedal then pull it to an accelerator. The hand control can be operated by gentle pull or push.

Do not let go of the hand control

Make sure you hold your hand control at all times, since the car might start moving should you lose control.

While driving using a handheld hand controller is simple however, you must understand how to use hand controls in a safe manner. Check out our video to find out more about the functions of hand controls and the best way to use them.


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