Should You Choose Christian Education? – Family Reading

They can’t strike. Your child will not lose the opportunity to attend school because of striking. Teachers working in private schools are paid smaller salaries than teachers who work in public schools. Savings you earn are then passed onto your students. Teachers are at Christian schools not for the pay, but because they are convinced that what they’re doing is the work of God.

Christian schools can also punish children for not following the rules more often as public schools. The result is less disruptions and greater the child’s security. Also, this helps them learn to be courteous and respectful in public. This is an important life skill that will help them get and hold jobs.

The most important thing is that Christian education is a way to teach your child to lead an exemplary life, Christ-centered every throughout the week, not only on Sundays. Prayer isn’t permitted in schools that are public. Children may be turned off by Christianity. The truth is that a Christian education provides children with the encouragement they require to still be Christians in a secular world.

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