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n about a day in the working life of an auto repair shop. The day’s beginning starts in the shop with the locking of the shop , along with all of the equipment and devices. Then, the heating in the shop starts and all the work is been looked at. In the video, there is one car standing in the shop that has problems with the valve cover leakage. The valve cover has been due to leaks, the owner of the shop uses a kit immediately to get the valve sealed before starting the job.
The owner finishes the job swiftly with the initial vehicle while waiting for the delivery of the other products. Owner then moves to the next car. Ford’s new vehicle could be it’s Ford F-150. Its issue is a broken strut. Therefore, he purchased an strut for it for repair and meanwhile also checked the car for other possible issues.
In the meantime, delivery of the first vehicle is taken care of and work carried on with that one. After completing the sealing of the valve cover, the engineer proceeded to be given the kit for assembly of the strut , which was also received. Following that, work will be done with the second one too. Both jobs were extremely exhausting, and comprised a ten-hour day. The owner returns home and closes the repair facility for autos. oglz3hcv1k.

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