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Nebraska Home Energy Assistance Program

The program can help with for winter heating and summer cooling bills, but generally it takes months to complete an application. Nebraska Home Energy Assistance Program provides financial aid for heating and cooling expenses to those who qualify. Applicants must meet income guidelines to be eligible for a grant through this program.

In order to apply, you’ll require to provide your Social Security number and other personal information such as your latest energy bill and telephone number. An application can be completed in your city’s or county office. It usually takes 3 weeks for someone to notify you whether or not you’re eligible.

The money can be used to pay your monthly bills as well as any future heating costs. This helps you extend what could otherwise be a tight budget. If you make a request for benefits, applicants could receive them up to three weeks.

Pennsylvania Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

This government aid helps those with lower and moderate incomes to in paying their heating bills throughout the winter months. For applicants to qualify, they must meet minimum standards of poverty in order to qualify for assistance with paying utility bills.

The number of people who live in your home and what age they are in addition to the area they live in will decide the amount of funds you will receive.

Depending on the factors, the cost of assistance can range in the range of $120-$340. State officials prepare an estimate of what assistance is available based on information provided by applicants during the screening process.

Pennsylvania’s energy assistance program works with other organizations to offer assistance. This funding can be combined to provide additional funding so that families don’t have to pay higher than 20%. tufjkug1on.

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