Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding on a Budget – Everlasting Memories

The ng Event with No Corkage

Drinks and soft drinks make up the largest expenses for weddings. As a result that if you control the cost of each bottle, you’ll be able to reduce cost. Some establishments allow you carry your beverages, while some aren’t. This means that they’ll offer your liquor and soft drinks at an additional cost. If you spot that “no corkage” indication, it means you can bring your own drinks.

The wedding ceremony and reception at the same location

A growing number of outdoor venues have been granted licenses to hold wedding ceremonies. A venue that is licensed can help to reduce the hassle of getting between two sites However, it can also help to avoid the expense for hiring a wedding motorcade and paying for two separate locations. This is also a win for guests since they will save money that they would have used on fuel. It is possible that you will spend all day at your location, so ensure that there is a commercial lawn irrigation.

Create Your Flower Bouquets

According to, couples spend approximately $1,500 for wedding flowers. Making your wedding bouquet is one of the most cost-effective ways to cut costs. You can further reduced by making your own bouquet from locally grown flowers. Flowers that don’t have to be shipped from Asia or Europe, they will cost much less. Even though you can get flowers directly from your garden, make sure to use fertilizer spreaders in order for the flowers to develop into large.

Make your guests swoon in awe Cheap String Lighting

String lighting can be utilized to make a budget wedding look expensive. You can, for instance, hang them on trees on opposite ends to boost the atmosphere and add a WOW aspect of your outdoor wedding venue. To make your home look more attractive with a touch of elegance, use Chinese lanterns in paper.


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