What Are the Best Pizza Toppings? – Articles About Food

There are plenty of pizza toppings to choose from, so follow this article to explore some of the most well-known.

Ranch, bacon and chicken are three of the most well-known pizza types. It can be cooked like white pizzas, but without sauce. Bacon and chicken are then added before it bakes. After it is removed from the oven, the ranch dressing gets drizzled over top.

Pizza toppings that is somewhat controversial but highly popular is ham and pineapple. This is sometimes referred to by the name of Hawaiian pizza. The way this pizza is baked, ham and pineapple are cooked on the pizza oven. For certain people, the pineapple gives a lovely sweetness while for others it is not.

A type of pizza topping that’s impossible to miss is the pepperoni. Pepperoni is a very popular topping for pizzas. If you’re planning to order pizza to cater for large events the pepperoni toppings you choose will satisfy the majority of guests.

For more information on toppings, check out the video below!


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