The Basics of Civil Litigation – Court Video


The first is civil litigation, which can be used to settle disagreements between two or more parties but without actually committing any crime. It is a way to get justice to settle an “wrong” rather than an actual “crime”.

What are the issues Civil Litigation Cover?

The relation between people is something that civil law can cover. In civil law, the plaintiff attempts to fix a fault that is a result of money damages. The obligation to prove in civil cases is significantly less than that in criminal law.

Some of the suits that a civil litigation attorney will deal with include trust litigation, lawsuits involving employment, estate and property disputes. Other types of suits include torts and more. A majority of cases settle in court.


A majority of civil lawsuits are settled without a the court. There is the possibility that someone who wants to do harm may prefer a lengthy and expensive trial. This is however costly for both parties, so seldom used. Legal counsel in civil litigation could resolve disputes through mediation also.

Civil litigation is less clear-cut than criminal law. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to get an experienced civil law attorney by your side. Check out the above video to learn more.


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