How to Host a Successful SMP in Minecraft – Technology Radio

Even though hosting an SMP could make sense but it’s only so long as your SMP succeeds. In this video, you will learn some useful tips to enhance the quality of your SMP so that it remains playable and high-quality.

Whether you are Bedrock hosting your server, or running your server in Java, this video can surely help out, and you don’t necessarily need to be a massive YouTuber for a successful SMP. The first tip is to select only those you can trust as this will prevent the server from becoming anarchy. Use a platform such as Discord to keep in touch and refrain from the creation of automated farms because this will harm the spirit of the SMP. It is also recommended that you do not restart your server. If you’re thinking about restarting the server, make sure that everyone has time to think about it and allow them to have a say. As the server’s administrator, don’t be afraid to exercise your authority and ensure that everyone follows the rules and is on the right course. Set clear goals to help maintain the interest of the discussions. 7phu9wdprh.

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