Puppy Training Tips to Help You as a New Pet Owner – Family Magazine

You’re not the only one who is nervous about getting through the first few months. Below are some of the top puppy training tricks that will help you make it through your initial weeks the new puppy.
First and foremost, you’ll have to ensure that your dog is safe in your house. Though it may not seem like a training tip at first glance, the truth is that puppy proofing can help inform your puppy of where they are allowed and not. The new puppy will soon be able to understand to keep away from specific areas via baby gates, or puppy gates.
It is also recommended to take your puppy home in their crate. It’s not just a protection measure when your pet is inside the car, but it’s also an ideal beginning step. This will make it easier to train your dog. If you plan to let your pet in its Crate, this is very important. 8zclsb4ryi.

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