Our Advice For Choosing a Defense Attorney – UNM Continuing Education


Here’s the advice of Stephen Gustitis of Gustits Law regarding how to pick the right criminal defense attorney. You need to understand the cost of hiring an attorney before you choose one. Most criminal defense lawyers require you to pay a flat amount. The payment is normally made in person and it is not paid via email or phone. Another thing to consider is how competent the lawyer is. It can be determined by visiting the lawyer’s site and looking at the amount of time the lawyer has been practicing law, what kind of criminal cases are specialized and any training certificates that have been obtained as well as how simple the website is to understand. If it’s filled with terminology, spelling errors, or grammatical errors, you should move on. Lawyers need clear communication skills. The second thing to look at is the quality of work of the lawyer. It is possible to do this through reviews written by past clients on Avvo.com and Yelp. In addition, if it takes several days for a lawyer’s office to inquiries from you, it suggests that the lawyer has a busy schedule or too lazy to devote sufficient time and effort to your case.

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