8 Strange Insurance Claims You Can Actually Make – Funny Insurance Claims

Keep in mind that you’ll be charged higher prices than older drivers if you’re between the ages of 18-24 years old. Your car insurance application does not automatically mean that you’ll be denied coverage in the event that you’re more than 40. Insurance companies will cover senior claims that have suffered injuries or been struck by trees. Keep in mind, however that insurance premiums for liability will be higher once you are over 70. Most people in this group have decided to secure themselves with “top-up” insurance. They are being covered for their needs at the end of their 70s without paying higher cost.

An insurance company can only provide you with an affordable policy if they feel it’s possible. It could also be required that you undergo an examination for medical reasons. The insurance company may refuse to offer any policy if they think that you will increase the costs due to age.

4. “I’ve been Injured’ claim

If people seek disability benefits via their employer, they must show that they can’t be employed due to accident or illness prior to insurers approve the benefits. Some people will try to make up claims that they suffered serious injuries, claiming they are disabled from work due to regular ailments such as sciatica, or lower back tension. A typical injury that is caused by the negligence or inaction of another (a “wrongful act”) is likely to result in compensation from that person’s insurer for the injuries suffered and other losses. Even the best lawyer is not able to prove that an accident occurred as it was described. Medical records can be a fantastic way to demonstrate that you suffered injuries.

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