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An annual appointment with a dentist can check for gingivitis and prescribe an treatment.

Care for gum disease
Gum disease is a condition that can be treated through daily cleaning. The other options include intensive cleaning, or even a surgical procedure. For treatment the use of antibiotics is common.

Treatment for gingivitis
Alternatives to surgery may be available if you don’t like the thought of going through surgery. Root planning, scaling, and lasers are utilized as methods without surgery to assist in cleaning of your teeth.

How do I clean my gums?
Cleaning gums is usually done with cleaning instruments, such as one that is vibrating or similar to a hand-held scaler. This instrument eliminates plaque and tartar from the gum line and rinses away tartar.

How can I wash my gums at home?
It is important to maintain the best oral hygiene you can at home. If possible, floss your mouth after every meal. Cleanse your mouth after drinking water. The use of a mouthwash that is effective can to keep your gums in good shape. t73iyon9zq.

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