Tips for Entering the Commercial Painting Field – Small Business Magazine

Also, you’ll need to prepare the painting surface with the help of brushes and rollers in addition to cleaning it later.

The guidelines to ensure safety in trade are on the local, state and federal at the federal, state and local levels. Being attentive during interactions with customers and asset management. Project and administration of portfolios. Engineering and technology. Excellent math skills.

Tip: Make sure to research every aspect of your job to make sure you’re the best.

Anything Else?

It is important to remember that painting is business. It is important to dress as professional. You’ll need people skills. You’ll need to keep up-to-date with the latest technology as well as changes to the industry. It is possible to enter new areas through the IUPAT therefore make sure you’re up to date.

Tips: Now you’re the professional. Your customers will appreciate that.

Commercial painting is popular both now and in the near future. Toast to newly-professional painter


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