Fire Sprinkler Systems Explained by a Fire Protection Spinkler Company – Maine’s Finest


A typical fire sprinkler set-up is comprised of a number of components, including water supply connections as well as a control valve a series of pipes connected to sprinkler heads or nozzles as well as additional detectors like smoke detectors or sensors that detect heat. When activated by either smoking or heat detection technologies then the valve’s control opens to allow to let water flowing from the main line through the pipes, and then into the individual sprinkler heads.

The most suitable sprinkler system to install in your home is determined by its size, layout and the fire risk faced by each occupant. Sprinklers for fire protection companies like ours offer an expert opinion on what system is best suited to your specific needs. They also offer the design, installation, maintenance and repair solutions to ensure your system stays at optimum condition. This involves testing the pressure of water, checking every component and valve frequently and ensuring there aren’t any leaks or blockages in the pipe work.

Sprinklers for fires don’t just get activated once the fire is initiated. They also offer security, when utilized in conjunction with safety measures such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. If maintained properly, a fire sprinkler system can significantly reduce the risk of serious injuries or damages caused by fire, which makes it an essential element of any commercial or residential structure’s security program.

For more information on fire sprinkler systems and ways they are able to protect your home, call us today! We’ll be glad to discuss the needs of your property and offer assistance on the right kind of system to suit your needs. Make sure you are safe by providing our expert fire protection solutions.


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