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pros. It is possible to watch the YouTube video “Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Get into the Asphalt Sealing Business!” This video discusses why this is not a good idea. Let’s find out more!
Weather is just one of reasons that sealcoating isn’t an highly-demanding industry. In the interview, the host says that Michigan isn’t blessed with five months with favorable weather to sealcoat. It means the majority of the time is empty of any revenue. The snow plowers cannot be relied upon because there’s frequently too much snow over the land. In addition, rain is the greatest enemy for businesses that sealcoat since asphalt sealers must be completely dry. The entire process will be destroyed if just one drop of rain gets on asphalt sealer when it’s drying.
So, due to the temperatures, the majority of Jet black sealcoating companies end up working only about 100 days in a year and you’ll have to be extremely busy during those times with no breaks or holidays in order to keep you from getting bored. This is not possible for everyone.
You can check the rest of the video to find more information about Jet Black Sealcoating Services.

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