Plead Guilty or Hire a DUI Attorney? – Best Financial Magazine

st understand the consequences of both options.

Convictions for DUI are very severe and may result in grave consequences. A conviction could lead to the possibility of jail time, fines and probation as well as loss of driving privileges. The terms and conditions of your insurance as well as your job search can be affected by a DUI conviction. Your record will also be accessible to prospective employers. could look it up during background screening.

If you plead guilty, you’re 100% guilty. If you choose to hire an DUI attorney the judge will be able to determine your sentence on the basis of your case’s facts. Hiring a DUI lawyer with experience dealing with cases of drunk driving will help you fight your DUI charge. A skilled DUI attorney will help you negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor. Instead of being sentenced to first-degree DUI with a sentence of prison time, you could be found guilty of less serious charges such as reckless driving or careless driving. A DUI lawyer will be able to decide if there are any legal defenses in your defense. dv8pzn22bh.

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