Five Things You Must Do After Being Accused of DUI – American Personal Rights

damage. That’s why they’re able to be able to impose harsh punishments, like heavy fines, probation and three to six months suspension of your driver’s license in the event of a third DUI offence. Between three and two years in jail is an appropriate punishment for a third DUI offense.

If you’re found to be intoxicated while driving but you don’t possess the required license, there is a chance that you’ll be accused of two separate crimes. Are you going to be handed a DUI ticket? Do you. This is why it is so important to get corrective action immediately after your arrest. There are a few things you should immediately do after the police have accused you of DUI.

Record everything you remember about the time of your arrest, such as which police station you were pulled over and what direction you went. Take note of when you were stopped over and also note the person traveling with you in your car. Be specific about the reason the officer stopped you and whether you were asked to take some tests like the breathalyzer test or other tests to determine your field sobriety. This data is essential to DWI attorneys. In the end, you must be honest to your attorney for defense and don’t hide any details. 52bctrbvw8.

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