Creating a Military Shadowbox – Family Dinners

A military-themed shadowbox can be intended to commemorate the contribution of a sailor, soldier or marine. You can find out how to create your own shadowboxes after watching the YouTube video Dad It Yourself DIY.

Make a large picture frame 20 inches tall by 30 inches wide and two inches deep. Frames don’t have to be square or rectangular, but they are the easiest to construct. Install a wooden bar on the corner on the left of the frame and make the shape of a triangle. This will ensure that the flag folded in it can fit. Flags should be folded into triangles to ensure that it can fit in the frame. If your flag is big, a dry cleaning service may flatten the flag.

Attach a velveteen piece to the back panel with spray adhesive. Each item in the shadowbox must be put together. This could include medals, special patches, or smaller photos. To find the most appealing pattern, spend time placing them. To attach the items to the velveteen use a glue gun. The flag is the only object that isn’t required to be joined. The frame is what will keep the flag in place. You can remove the sawdust and hair from velveteen with the help of a handheld vacuum. Place the face panel in the frame. maskb4ujg5.

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