Why Resellers are Profitable

Search engine optimization

Roughly 75 percent of everyone using search engines on the internet say they spend time avoiding paid advertisements and sponsored ads. This fact alone should prove the importance of gaining a competitive organic position in major search engines. The majority of people using search engines to research products and services only click on organic links. Resellers are able to earn a healthy amount of income by reselling search engine optimization. Website owners demand SEO services in order to increase online sales. Internet marketing is built on a foundation of search engine optimization, which is the largest industry on the web.

The increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets is creating more opportunities for resellers. Almost two thirds of people who use mobile devices online will shop online using their smart phone or tablet PC. Resellers are able to take advantage of the demands that website owners create for web optimization services. However, choosing the right marketing firm may be a challenge for resellers if they don’t know what they are looking for. In addition to search engine optimization, resellers can promote social media marketing services as well. Recent studies show a majority of people spending more time on social media sites than major search engines.

90 percent of adults online use social media more than any other type of website. During 2012, around 30 percent of business owners outsource some of their social media marketing needs. Only 28 percent outsourced social media marketing in 2011. Resellers must recognize demands in order to identify where opportunities exist on the web. Both search engine optimization and social media marketing services are in high demand because website owners are trying to obtain more online visibility. 94 percent of social media marketing professionals spend time tracking fans and followers on their profiles or accounts.

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